What do terrorism, conventional crime, natural disasters and political instability have in common? Ray Kelly, vice chair of K2 Intelligence and former police commissioner of the NY Police Department, says of these potentially catastrophic events , cybersecurity could be a key ingredient in all four. As a result, combatting cybercrime is not just an IT issue. It involves the entire company from the initial planning stages to the breach response plan. As cyber threats increase in size, volume and sophistication, all employees must have a sound approach to cybersecurity and always be on the lookout for suspicious activity. In fact, around 80 percent of cyber intrusions can be attributed to employee carelessness due to a lack of cyber education.

Kelly claims that the New York police department had 100,000 intrusion attempts per day. Larger organizations, on the other hand, often experience millions of threats a day. As a result, organizations should take the “not if, but when” approach to cyber-attacks, as every organization is likely to fall victim at some point. To help a company get back on its feet, Kelly explained that the entire C-suite should be involved in a business continuity plan – a organized strategy to help recover from a catastrophic event, especially if it involves cybercriminals due to the complexity of the risk.

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