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Today, many organizations are shifting their focus from an “if a breach occurs,” to a “when a breach occurs” approach. When it comes to limiting damaging effects, companies must have the proper skills and tools ready to both prevent and react to cyber-attacks. The UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has announced a certified course developed by Logical Operations that will educate organizations on responding to cyber-attacks and data breaches by providing a hands-on approach to understand how a cyber-attack occurs and what needs to be done before, during and after to minimize the impact.

Richard Pharro, CEO of APMG International, explains “Unless you’re monitoring your network constantly, and are in a position to act within minutes, you’ll have lost essential information to a competitor or face a serious PR crisis. It’s therefore critical that IT teams possess the knowledge and skills to respond quickly and appropriately to breaches as and when they happen.” This certified course puts security professionals at the first line of response against cyber-attacks. Through taking this course, they will learn to analyze threats, defend networks, design secure computing and network environments and respond to and investigate incidents.

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