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cqOne of the most difficult tasks when tackling cyber security risks today is simply monitoring all past and current threats.

ThreatQuotient, a Virginia start-up owned by Wayne Chiang and Ryan Trost, aims to turn this struggle into an opportunity. Trost explained that the company’s goal is “to cut the time it takes to identify and mitigate a threat by essentially acting as a central repository for all threat intelligence.” The ThreatQuotient database allows for a quick search through all previously documented threats and gives information about each one.

Chiang says that businesses can spend hours or even days properly identifying and counteracting a single threat to their system. ThreatQuotient helps make the process simpler by targeting the sources of data most relevant to the specific company and industry, thus narrowing down the vast pool of possible threats. While ThreatQuotient may be the latest in cybersecurity safety, it is neither the first nor the last, as the need for higher cybersecurity efforts continues to grow.

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