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Notorious hacker Guccifer 2.0 claims to have struck again, and this time  the Clinton Foundation was the target. The cybercriminal, who is the mastermind behind the DNC email leak and believed to have Russian ties, published files on Tuesday including spreadsheets that appear to be funneling corporate money to politicians through a computer file titled “pay for play,” according to a recent Daily Beast article. While the files were not published in full, they seem to be “conspicuously corrupt,” affirming suspicions that the foundation was participating in operations designed to influence the Clintons’ political aspirations. The president of the Clinton Foundation, on the other hand, denies these files altogether, claiming there is no evidence that the organization’s networks suffered a breach.

Since the leak of the DNC emails in July, the public has been waiting for additional leaks to surface in October, deemed the “October Surprise,” expecting to alter the public’s views about political candidates. Due to this high expectation, the time is ripe for intelligence agencies, including the Russian government, to release a flood of fake and misleading documents influencing the upcoming presidential election. However, there is another possibility that the Clinton Foundation has not yet discovered the breach and the information is in fact, accurate, which could be a potential blow to Hillary Clinton and her presidential aspirations.

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