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August 9, 2018

What do Colorado, Arkansas, Delaware and Virginia have in common? In the spirit of transparency, these states, along with 15 others, are striving to systematically collect and release medical, pharmacy and dental claims. These systems combine provider and patient demographics from public and private payers to measure health care costs, quality and utilization. Each state manages these databases differently; many stipulate that interested parties must request access to the information and only some identify healthcare organizations, like providers, insurers and employers, as entities who may use the data.

The Council Perspective: It is significant that this data exists because it can be used to encourage value-driven purchasing and informed care decisions. Recognizing the importance of accessing this information is the first step toward obtaining a seat at the table as the healthcare industry develops standards around the storage and usage of health data.

We’ve created a comprehensive overview that explains where each of the 19 states lies in process of creating, or operating, APCDs.