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Fishing for Votes over Easter Recess

Congress went home this week for a two week Easter recess, just weeks after pulling the American Health Care Act from the House floor because it lacked the votes. Rumors around town continue to suggest that Speaker Ryan and the Administration are still fishing for votes while negotiating and arm-twisting. And it’s very possible the legislation could be back in the next few weeks. But it will be difficult road, considering Congress has to pass a Continuing Resolution before the end of the month to keep the government open, which is sure to further isolate some members for the Freedom Caucus.

Aside from these continued attempts to slam the last repeal effort through, Congressman Charlie Dent, co-chair of the moderate Tuesday Group, is hoping to create a new approach that builds from the political center and enlists Democratic support. The effort would focus on ares of common ground with Democrats, like repealing the Cadillac Tax and the Medical Device Tax. Preserving the individual market is a priority for both parties as well, though specifics will be more complicated to coalesce around.

The centrist effort is sure to distance members of the far right, but it compliments other bipartisan conversations happening at the state level. According to reports, Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich has been talking to Colorado Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper about finding common ground on healthcare solutions.

Michael Kanick, Digital Strategist: