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Developing Legislation

The House GOP is reportedly set to draft legislation this week that contains a new tax on employee benefits, and the bill is rumored to be swiftly marked up and considered in the House as early as next week.

We understand that this legislation would be even more damaging to the market than the Cadillac Tax. 

Stand by for an update when we know more.

Employers’ Vital Role

A new report published by Council member Marsh & McLennan highlights healthcare reform and the vital role that employers have in the U.S. system.

In the paper, MMC substantiates the employer’s role with Mercer and Oliver Wyman data. Four recommendations are presented that policymakers should consider as they address healthcare and reform the ACA:

  1. Address healthcare cost growth and avoid shifting costs to private payers
  2. Maintain favorable tax treatment of employer-sponsored benefits
  3. Update health savings account rules
  4. Create a “President’s Healthcare Leadership Council”

Click here for the paper. We ask that you share this with your clients and help us make this information as widespread as possible.

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