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Technology specialty insurer Hiscox has announced a combined cyber protection and general liability risk protection product called Healthcare Threat Protect. This new product is designed to bridge the gap between the increasingly integrated healthcare and technology sectors. Through combining underwriting policies for both cyber and general liability protection, Healthcare Threat Protect will offer “all-in-one” protection from both traditional professional risk and cyber risk.

Justin Keith, vice president of Bermuda Healthcare, commented on the launch saying, “For U.S. hospitals, the increasing integration of technology in diagnosis and treatment means the distinction between cyber risk and professional/general liability has become less clear cut. Rather than expecting hospitals to buy separate insurance cover for each risk, we’ve combined our healthcare and cyber expertise to develop an all-in-one cyber risk and professional/general liability protection. Healthcare Threat Protect is a comprehensive product that, as cyber risks multiply in their number and complexity, solves a growing problem for U.S. hospitals.”

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