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Dangerous Ransomware attacks are spreading even further, this time infiltrating Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center and keeping the hospital’s employees offline for more than a week now. Hackers allegedly demanded upwards of $3 million to unlock the stolen data, resulting in the hospital paying $17,000 in bitcoins. The hospital released a statement that confirmed the hackers had not accessed any patient information, but did not reveal the amount of money the hackers wanted in ransom. Though a culprit has not been named, the FBI and LAPD will look into the matter, as well as an announced private computer forensics team hired by the hospital. Though no information has been stolen and the hospital is still operational, many employees have reported that some of the day-to-day jobs must be done on paper, which will presumably hinder or slow down operations until resolved.

The Ransomware attack is reported to be similar to the attack on Lincolnshire last month, with Lincolnshire refusing to pay. Should you or your company come under attack from Ransomware, seek help from the proper officials as HPMC did and only pay as a last resort. To prevent Ransomware attacks, make sure to stay up to date on all cyber security measures and report any attacks immediately.

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