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HEI Hotels & Resorts recently identified that 20 hotels operated by HEI across 10 states and the District of Columbia have suffered a “security incident,” likely involving hackers over the course of several months.  According to HEI Hotels & Resorts, malware collected names, card account numbers, expiration dates and verification codes from point-of-sale terminals at Hyatt, Sheraton, Marriott and Westin locations in these states. While the exact amount of compromised information is currently unknown, it appears the hackers may have collected this information from early December through late June 2016. In a release, HEI stated, “We are treating this matter as a top priority, and took steps to address and contain this incident promptly after it was discovered. Additionally, once discovered HEI disabled the malware and immediately transitioned payment card processing to a system separate from its network. The company also said that they will continue to cooperate with law enforcement, banks and payment card companies, but recent customers should also look for unusual account activity. For more information about the incident, customers may visit

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