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A local metropolitan DC start-up claims to have a “game-changing technology that can spot a hack in real time.” Vienna, Va.-based PFP Cybersecurity is looking to break into the cyber market with its new product but executive chairman and co-founder Steven Chen claims this can be difficult because “there are so many solutions today; it’s a lot of noise.”

So what sets PFP apart? Chen claims that their approach, “takes us back to the basics of looking at anomalies, based on the baselines.” Meaning, PFP’s technology tracks computer chip activity, which remains fairly steady while operating under normal conditions but when malware is introduced this activity spikes. When this spike occurs PFP’s systems alert the user that malware has been introduced and they can take actions to clean their systems. Additionally, because the PFP’s systems are separate from the user’s hardware and software, it won’t be compromised or even noticed by hackers. Washington Business Journal has the whole story.  

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