In the digital age, the surge in cyber bullying has created both an emotional and financial burden for average consumers. According to 2014 Pew Research Center Data, up to 40 percent of adult internet users deal with some sort of cyber-bullying issue and now, there’s insurance for that. Chubb’s homeowners insurance clients now have the option to purchase cyber bullying coverage, which helps covers the costs to clean up one’s online reputation, including legal fees, counseling and other security measures. Included in their Family Protection policy, which costs around $70 a year, is up to $60,000 in compensation for clients who suffer a cyber bulling incident. Some of these services include psychological counseling, lost salary and even public relations assistance. “It’s so hard to have complete control online,” said Christie Alderman, vice president of client product and services, Chubb personal risk services. “We do know that when it does occur it can be really devastating.”

We all know that cyber bullying is not taken lightly, as its affects millions of families a year. But, each case is different and they do not all involve millennials and Facebook. One recent example involves Nicole Prause, a neuroscientist from California who experienced cyber bullying after publishing a 2013 peer reviewed paper suggesting that sex addiction is not a clinical diagnosis. Not long after publishing, Prause was the subject of online abusive insults coming from people who opposed her work. “I had a TED Talk [posted online] and they just filled it with ‘tranny’ comments,” said Prause, who worked at the University of California-Los Angeles at the time the attacks began. “They have definitely singled me out.” Prause claims to have spent around $5,000 to mitigate the damage after filing a cease-and-desist order and hiring an attorney. While some believe taking out an insurance policy against online harassment might be taking things a step too far, being the victim of cyber bullying can not only have high emotional costs, but can also cost thousands of dollars. Now, Chubb’s Family Protection policy can help cover these expenses.

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