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logoCFC has launched a new online portal “offering specialized cyber risk management and response services,” reports Insurance Journal

The specialty lines underwriting agency has partnered with a number of technology companies to provide clients with a number of risk management tools to avoid a data breach. Included is, “discounted access to encryption software and security monitoring, as well as free privacy consulting and anti-virus technology.” Additionally, clients are able to pick and choose the tools that are best suited for their companies.

The portal also provides access to a global network of experts in case a breach occurs, including “specialists in breach response, forensic accounting, security services and public relations.”

The portal serves to help clients adopt practice that will keep them from being breached and also aid them after the fact says CFC Director Graeme Newman. “Our cyber hub allows policyholders, regardless of size, sector or location, to access the information and tools that are the most relevant to their own operation and create a complete solution to their cyber needs from risk management to loss mitigation.”

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