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downloadCFC underwriting agency and BitSight Technologies, a cybersecurity ratings agency, have partnered to gain better insights into the types of cyber threats their clients are facing.

The partnership will remove the need for CFC to use more invasive underwriting techniques such as requiring clients to fill out long questionnaires and accept on-sight audits. Instead, BitSight will calculate daily ratings by “drawing on publicly accessible data, including observed security events involving botnets, malware distribution and email server configuration, which are then assessed for severity, frequency and duration.”

For CFC, the access to BitSight’s “analytic tools will provide an extra dimension to CFC’s underwriting and benefit insureds through increased visibility of their security posture and active security alerts,” and their clients will receive alerts from BritSight as well as have access to their services.

For BitSight, the partnership “marks a significant turning point in our efforts to broaden the adoption of Security Ratings in the cyber insurance market and across the world,” says Ira Scharf, General Manager of Insurance at BitSight.

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