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A new ESET/ National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) study on the Internet of Things (IoT) shows 56 percent of consumers own up to three devices that connect to their home routers. Additionally, 43 percent of those who responded said they either have not changed their default router password or are not sure if they have done so. Considering the ever-increasing connection of smart technologies to our lives, the NCSA, Department of Homeland Security and their associates are making efforts to educate the public on the hazards linked to smart devices and how to protect themselves and their personal information online. In Week 4 of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, NCSA Executive Director Michael Kaiser looks to remind people that “IoT technology is driven by personal information,” and to be “proactive about understanding what information your devices collect about you.”

ESET’s study shows that the majority of consumers are aware of many of the cybersecurity risks accompanying IoT devices, like webcams, cars and mobile devices. Now, NCSA looks to bring awareness and remind consumers to STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ Events like NCSAM’s keystone event at the Nasdaq MarketSite on Monday will bring together key industry influencers to address topics including rising opportunities and security in securely integrating smart tech into daily life. In additional efforts to educate, NCSA recommends tips like learning to maintain the security of your IoT devices, paying attention the Wi-Fi router in your home, deleting when done, owning your online presence, locking down your login and layering up your login.

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