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Cyber experts have found that iPhones, known to be one of the most secure mobile devices in the world, can be hacked with a single text message. By exploiting a recently discovered security flaw, which can now be patched with a software update, cybercriminals are able to hijack the device and use all the phone’s features. Despite this news, 86 percent of iPhones are still vulnerable to the malware via text since users have failed to update the iPhone’s mobile operating system, according to a recent Business Insider article. This “malicious tool called Pegasus,” is supposedly impossible to detect and once affected, the hacker can access virtually everything from cameras, passwords, finger prints, text messages, emails and much more.

“The software leaves absolutely no indicators of compromise to the user,” said Mike Murray, vice president of security research and response at Lookout mobile security firm. One of Murray’s associates added, “Once you get this software on your phone, it’s not your phone anymore” – a pretty terrifying thought. Members of the hacking group, NSO, located in the Israeli tech scene, have dedicated their time, resources and energy over the last six years exploiting such vulnerabilities and they have kept their identities totally secret.”

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