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While cybersecurity is still in its infancy, it is undoubtedly in our best interest to look to as many outside sources as possible to find the best approach. This is especially true on an international scale as American cyber security officials attended the February 16, 2016, CyberTech conference in Tel Aviv, Israel. At the conference Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s Minister of infrastructure, energy, and water resources, admitted the state’s energy sector was subject to a “very serious cyber-attack.” Though the Israeli defense had already contained the attack, Steinitz confessed that a regulator had been affected, saying “This is a fresh example of the sensitivity of infrastructure to such attacks.”

Israel’s no-nonsense approach towards cyber security is being noticed around the world, particularly in America.  Though Israel remains a top target for terrorist cyber-attacks, their vigilance and defensive cyber technology capabilities have helped to negate any potential threats. With an average of four to five million monthly cyber-attacks on average and a peak of 25 million during the “Oplsreal” campaign, none of those attacks have been successful. According to the IVC Research Center Israel has become the second best country in the world with regards to cyber security, behind only the United States.

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