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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has punted CISA information sharing legislation a month down the road but has “vowed to finish a major cybersecurity bill in September,” reports The Hill.

While speaking shortly prior to the senate breaking for August recess, the Kentucky Senator promised that, “this is going to be an extraordinarily productive Congress. We’re going to move things like cybersecurity.” Prior to leaving on recess, Democrats and Republicans agreed to at least 21 amendments that will be brought to the floor when the amendment is brought up again.

However, some are skeptical that the senate will meet the September deadline considering that the Iran deal must be decided upon by mid-September and a number of budget issues figured out by October 1.

Meanwhile, many people thought that that the month recess would give CISA opponents time to rally support against the legislation but the pro-CISA camp has come out fighting, made evident by two recent Chamber letters, Cyber Fact And Fiction: Debunking Five CISA Myths and Did Congress Already Forget The OPM Hack?

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