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The DHS has released three white papers from its first three workshops focused on the cyber incident data and analysis repository (CIDAR) and it  wants your comments. To this date,  DHS has hosted three workshops discussing “the value and the feasibility” of CIDAR which would “enable a novel information sharing capability among the Federal government, enterprise risk owners, and insurers to increase shared awareness about current and historical cyber risk conditions and help identify longer-term cyber risk trends.” Links to the three white papers can be found here.

DHS is seeking comments from any interested party including members of the cybersecurity and insurance communities; chief information security officers (CISOs); chief security officers (CSOs); academia; federal, state and local governments; industry; and professional organizations/societies. Comments will aid  DHS in refining the white papers to “address the critical need for information sharing as a means to create a more robust cybersecurity insurance marketplace and improve enterprise cyber hygiene practices across the public and private sectors.” The next DHS workshop will be April 19-20 in Arlington, VA.

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