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NISTNeed some guidelines for mobile device security? Best practices on how to keep medical data safe? Well, fear not! NIST has just released a handbook full of valuable insights and knowledge on the issue.

The handbook, which is currently in draft form and awaiting public comment, “offers healthcare organizations insight on how to bolster mHealth cybersecurity via open-source or commercial tools.”

According to NIST, the handbook supports healthcare professionals by providing a “detailed architecture so that they can copy or recreate with different but similar technologies, the security characteristics of the guide.” Donna Dodson, director of NIST’s National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, stated, “We know from working with them that healthcare organizations want to protect their clients’ personal information and themselves from the high costs associated with breaches. This guide can be an important tool among the many they use to reduce risk.”

Read the draft of the handbook at HealthcareITNews.

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