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South Korea has come under attack from, what is believed to be, a team of 10,000 full-time hackers employed by North Korea. In an attempt to influence public opinion in the year leading up to a presidential election in South Korea, Pyongyang’s hackers are infiltrating the web and spreading malevolent rumors to cast a negative image on Seoul’s present government. The Kim Jong-un regime would favor an administration in South Korea that is more open to discussion, unlike the current government of Park Geunhye, who would impose sanctions in order to limit North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

This isn’t the first time North Korea has gone after the South via the web. We saw success in 2013 when North Korean hackers brought three southern TV stations and a major bank to a halt after cyber invasions. They were successful again in March when South Korea’s National Intelligence Service suspected the North of hacking the mobile phones of senior government officials.

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