June 7, 2017

Despite mounting uncertainty surrounding the Senate’s ACA repeal and replace strategy, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is pushing for a vote on the upper chamber’s version of the bill before the July 4 recess, according to reports.

Our own Joel Wood digs deeper on what taxation of the employer-sponsored group health insurance market really means, how to deal with the state waiver process (which was so controversial in the House bill) and what it will take to get the votes. Root canal, anyone?

Senate Considering Taxation of Benefits: Grassroots Opposition Campaign Underway

We strongly encourage you and your colleagues (as well as your clients) to contact your two United States senators as soon as possible and urge their strong opposition to taxation of benefits.

Learn more and get involved.

Single-Payer Rears Its Head (Again)

The California State Senate passed single-payer healthcare last week. Gov. Jerry Brown has expressed skepticism and there’s still a long way to go but know this: it’s back on the radar.

The Council will be engaging the business community in both California and New York (which is also debating the issue) and will report back.

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