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With the number hacks and data breaches becoming a top priority for both large and small businesses, companies are beginning to invest both time and money to make sure their data is secure. Global computer technology corporation, Oracle, has created the SPARC MC processor which “incorporates software techniques that not only speed system performance in different ways but also guard against programming errors that can result in serious security breaches.”

Basically, Oracle believes that if all the data in the database is encrypted, it will be more secure compared to having an application code that encrypts one’s data. As a result, the SPARC MC focuses on the silicon in the chip instead of the overall operating system. Oracle’s CTO, Larry Ellison calls this chip “hackerproof” and believes that “silicon security is better than OS security because every operating system that runs on that silicon inherits that security and this is desirable because, as far as we know, hackers have not yet figured out a way to download changes to microprocessors.”

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