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Kristen Peed is corporate director of risk management at CBIZ in Kansas City, and an active member of the RIMS Board. We caught up with her to learn how RIMS is evolving and to get a sneak peek into RIMS 2020 in Denver.

Last year’s RIMS brought in a large student population. How successful was that in terms of attracting young talent to the industry, and what is this year’s focus in terms of talent generation?
It’s an on-going process. RIMS is seeing more universities offer RMI content and degreed programs. Most people at my stage in my career didn’t have this as an option when they were in school. This is incredibly important for us as an industry because we have an aging population, and we need to ensure that the next generation is ready to join us. RIMS is working with three universities in North America to develop a curriculum based on the RIMS-CRMP content, which is the only accredited risk management certification in the world.

We also have a couple of programs to help our rising risk professionals. We have the Mentor Match program, which is a new way for RIMS members to seek out, interact with; and learn from leaders in risk management and future leaders in the industry. Both people in the match have the opportunity to learn from each other. We also developed an internship manual for our RIMS members to utilize and help create internships at their companies. Internships are a great way to get students involved; I have been fortunate enough to work with one each summer for the past four years. The annual conference is a great place for the students to meet the future potential employers and secure themselves jobs and internships as well.

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