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Just over two years ago, Crawford & Company acquired a majority interest in WeGoLook, an online and mobile collaborative economy platform headquartered in Oklahoma City. This strategic investment empowered Crawford to revolutionize, automate and expedite its claims handling processes by using a large, mobile, on-demand workforce for automotive and property inspections.

Can you speak to WeGoLook’s transition to insurance, and how the gig economy (and independent contractors) has the potential to play a critical role in insurance and claims management?

WeGoLook’s innovative model allows Crawford to deliver many services as rapidly as same day and at a fraction of the cost of traditional offerings. Through our revolutionary integrations like TruLook, a program that uses a triage process to route claims in one of three directions, Crawford and WeGoLook are setting the standards for the next generation of claims handling and loss adjusting services. The gig economy, which includes our ‘Lookers,’ changes the way businesses operate today, and Crawford is unlocking that potential as it provides faster and more secure service to existing and future clients.

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