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August 15, 2019

The Council joined over 60 other employer groups on a letter to all Members of Congress urging them to pass the Lower Health Care Costs Act, which would benefit patients, employers and taxpayers through meaningful steps to reduce healthcare costs. It specifically advocates to:

  • End surprise medical billing practices by enacting a market-based benchmark backstop.
  • Reduce prescription drug costs by increasing choice and competition, and by allowing easier entry of generic and biosimilar products to the market.
  • Require transparency, fairness and competition in the healthcare system by increasing data interoperability and unlocking the value of claims data.
  • Couple the funding of public health infrastructure with reforms to improve prevention and management of chronic illness and modernize data systems.
  • Improve health information technology to allow for streamlined, coordinated patient care, greater cost transparency, and improved cyber security.
  • Read the letter.