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According to a report by Epoch Times, a group of Russian hackers are busy at work trying to steal user credentials from the websites of over 85 of the nation’s top businesses. Companies such as Amazon, Apple Pay, AT&T, Best Buy, eBay,, McDonalds, Paypal and Uber are among those targeted.

The Epoch Times report was predicated on data collected by BlackOps Cyber, a private darknet security company. Their security expert, Ed Alexander, said that they had intercepted “configuration files” being used by the hackers in their cyberattacks. Furthermore, based on the language and servers used for their online chats, the perpetrators appear to be of Russian descent with no affiliation to any government organization. Alexander told Epoch that he saw the hackers “capturing card numbers and full identities,” as well as personal information in an attempt to recover older passwords.

More recent cyberattacks have been affiliated with Russian hackers, ranging from the infamous 2014 Yahoo security breach to last month’s released data of hundreds of international athletes. Olympic gold-medalist Simone Biles was amongst those affected by the release; she had to address accusations of drug enhancement when her leaked medical records showed that she has ADHD.

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