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By Alycia Kiley, SVP, Membership, May 15, 2017

Scenario planning is an emerging theme I’ve been hearing in more and more business conversations. The topic came up again recently in a gathering of 35 CEO’s from The Council’s member companies. The discussion facilitator commented that it’s increasingly important to have an ongoing dialogue about the scenarios that can impact your business, as opposed to the long-standing practice of intermittent strategic planning. As we have all experienced, the pace of information and innovation in today’s business is often overwhelming, and does not allow leaders to be as nimble and prepared as they want (or need) to be. So how does a leader effectively make decisions in this environment?

Being agile, prepared and responsive are a few skills that come to mind, but of course, that’s easier said than done. The questions I’m exploring are:

  • How do industry leaders incorporate multiple futures and multiple perspectives, while effectively running the business of today?
  • What scenarios must be top of mind in order to remain the center piece of risk mitigation solutions?

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