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It was only about two weeks ago that Sony Pictures, “The Interview” seemed destined to never be released.

However, after mounting pressure the studio decided to launch the film online, earning a staggering $15 million in the first weekend. Now Sony has signed agreements with a number video-on-demand cable networks, including Comcast, Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS and DirecTV, to screen the film.

A number of security firms and experts have questioned the validity that North Korea was responsible for the November attack but the FBI is standing its ground that the Hermit Kingdom was behind the breach.

Last week the FBI and leading security firm, Norse, met for three hours during which the security firm outlined their belief that the attack was perpetrated by recently fired Sony staff. The meeting did not seem to sway the FBI, who according to Politico, stated that “the company’s analysis did not improve the knowledge of the investigation.”

Furthermore, President Obama began his proportional response to North Korea by signing an executive order levying new sanctions against North Korea. The WSJ has the story.

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