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2017 is going to be large on the Insurtech front

Digital transformation in insurance started in ‘15, took off in ‘16 and is now becoming mainstream in ‘17. The hype will reach new levels, driving up valuations and making it even harder to separate out quality.

More high-profile insurance companies will invest in tech startups to accelerate innovation in the mothership. Venture Capital investors will remain keen to capitalize on varied opportunities to attack inefficiencies in the insurance ecosystem. And, all eyes will be on what models and technologies are adopted at scale and what impact they have on the bottom line.

Check out this LinkedIn article from Roger Perevelli, a partner at strategic marketing and consulting firm, VODW, that ticks through his top Insurtech trends in 2017. His #1? Massive cost savers in claims, operations and customer acquisition.

What do you think will happen in 2017? Shoot a note to Cheryl Matochik at over the weekend. We are eager to hear your thoughts on Insurtech (and intel you seek) to help guide The Council’s content.

Thanks in advance for taking the time and have a great weekend. Happy New Year.

Cheryl Matochik, SVP of Strategic Resources & InitiativesBest’s Review: January 2017 Insurtech Issue
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