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ThreatTrack Security has revealed that U.S. businesses are losing ground against cybercriminals when comparing a recent study with the same one conducted two years earlier. According to the recent study, ThreatTrack has found that 80 percent of their participants believe defending their networks from cyberattacks has become more difficult or just as difficult – a 30 percent increase from the 2013 study.

With so much more time and energy being focused on cybersecurity today, it seems that we should be staying one step ahead of cybercriminals, which is obviously not the case. ThreatTrack President John Lyons explains that “with high-profile data breaches emerging one after the other, growing security accountability within enterprises and the exponential growth in cybersecurity investments, the last two years have been transformational for the security industry. But despite access to more tools, security analysts the most critical resource within an enterprise’s cyber defense remain ill-equipped, underfunded and understaffed in their daily battle against advanced malware.” The study also emphasizes some of the many challenges security analysts face when it comes to protecting their enterprise from cyberattacks:

  • Short on Time
  • Lack of Resources
  • Technical Challenges
  • Executives Behaving Better
  • Confidence Despite Challenges
  • Better Breach Disclosure
  • Impact of the CISO

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