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March 2, 2021

To support the broader health and wellbeing of our colleagues and our communities, The Council has taken two steps to support the broader health and wellbeing of our colleagues and our communities.

As you advise your clients and consider the best course of action for your own firm, we ask you to support efforts that educate and encourage vaccination and to sign up with The Health Action Alliance to show your support (details highlighted below).


The Council’s Board of Directors adopted the following resolution in support of vaccination efforts for our member firms and their clients.

As an organization, The Council is in favor of efforts to regain our societal and economic wellbeing from the impact of COVID-19. We have reached a point where vaccination is crucial to the safety and health of our colleagues and our community and encourage members and their clients to be supportive of the vaccination efforts. This may include allowing paid time off for employees who choose to get the vaccine. If your firm chooses to offer rewards and incentives, it should comply with the legal requirements and other protocols applicable in the state(s) in which your employees work.

How to take action: We encourage you to begin or to accelerate this discussion within your firm and with your clients to understand how to support employees as they learn about the COVID-19 vaccine.


The Council has joined the Health Action Alliance to promote COVID-19 prevention and encourage vaccination.

The Health Action Alliance is a coalition comprised of employers and public health, communications and business trade associations with the goal of strengthening and accelerating the employer community’s response to COVID-19.

The Health Action Alliance’s sole focus is to provide the business community with tools to guide the development of COVID-19 vaccination policies, promote COVID-19 prevention, encourage vaccination and advance health equity by addressing the needs of disproportionately affected communities.

Their continuously-updated resource library includes:

  • Virtual events and training opportunities with health experts, scientists and communications professionals
  • Information geared toward different employee audiences to help them decide if, when and where to get vaccinated
  • Sample leadership communications and other research-backed messaging

How to take action: We encourage Council members to support the efforts of the Health Action Alliance. To learn more and join, click here.

To access free comprehensive resources to educate employees and your clients, click here.