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March 21, 2019
The Council’s Katie Oberkircher spoke with Eric Pachman and Antonio Ciaccia, co-founders of 46Brooklyn—a prescription drug research firm—to demonstrate how to use the tools they’ve created to understand the root cause of drug pricing increases. While the information available to them is primarily Medicaid data, Pachman and Ciaccia draw connections to the commercial market. In this webinar, you’ll see:


  1. The National Average Drug Acquisition Cost (NADAC) database, the pricing benchmark constructed by CMS via survey of retail pharmacies. (This demo starts around 10:00 minutes in.)
  2. Medicaid Drug Pricing Heat Map, which compares the average prices pharmacies pay for particular drugs with what the state is being charged. Washington State, Texas and Ohio are highlighted as case studies.
  3. Medicaid Markup Universe, which simulates price spreading tactics by visualizing what price the payer pays (in this case, the states) and what the drug ingredient costs.
  4. Managed Care Medicaid Top 20 over $20, which identifies the difference between the payer cost and the NADAC cost within managed care Medicaid.
  5. Brand Drug Price Change, which displays pricing increases per drug, per month and provides insight into changes in list price.