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In an effort to prevent an accidental cyber war, the U.S. and Russia have agreed to meet in Geneva to discuss the cyber security agreements signed by the two in 2013. The meeting comes on the heels of the Ukraine cyber-attack in December that crippled part of the country’s power grid, and because the perpetrator of that particular attack is still unknown (though Senior U.S. security officials allude to Russian suspicions) both countries feel the added measure of drawing lines with another super power is necessary. The Genevan rendezvous will feature officials from the White House, State Department and FBI, and though the U.S. agencies have tried to downplay the importance of the meeting, Russian officials have suggested that it is perhaps a step in returning to normalcy since the Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea.

The meeting is primarily a means to ensure that no misdirected attacks occur between the two countries, and on the chance that one does it will not lead to any real confrontation.

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