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An unknown hacker, scanning for unsecured databases, was able to access more than 58 million records from the data management firm Modern Business Solutions (MBS). MBS primarily serves the automotive, employment and real estate industries. The original hacker was able to pinpoint the unsecure, open source database using the search site The information was passed on and doxed three times by an individual who was identified using the Twitter handle @0x2Taylor. It was first doxed on the file sharing site MEGA twice, both times being removed, then once again on a smaller file sharing site. The leaked information includes names, IP addresses, birthdates, email addresses, vehicle data and occupations.

The initial leaks uncovered more than  58 million records but the individual identified as @0x2Taylor later referenced an additional set of data containing about 258 million rows of personal data formatted similarly to the first leak. Risk Based Security (RBS) was unable to verify the validity of this data because the MBS database had been secured by the time of the second release according to research done by RBS.

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