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Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity information presented in a current and ongoing list of videos & podcasts

  • Videos

    Exploring Diversity & Differences


    Daniel Guillory discusses how you can explore differences so as to expand your knowledge and your view of reality (3 min)


    5 Steps to Address Unconscious Bias


    Daniel Guillory explains what unconscious bias is and then shares a five-step process to overcome this counter-productive mindset. (3 min)


    Fostering an Environment of Cooperation and Collaboration


    A challenge that organizations face is creating inclusion where there is collaboration between a diverse group of people. Daniel Guillory shares some steps you can take to encourage the right type of environment for this collaboration. (5 min)


    4 Steps to Becoming a More Inclusive Leader


    Inclusion is key in building a more collaborative and innovative team. Author and Whole Brain thinking expert Ann Herrmann-Nehdi covers four key steps you can take to become a more inclusive leader and create engagement and diversity of thought in your team. (4 min)


    4 Tips to Help End Gender Stereotyping


    Stereotyping can hold people back from their potential. Even women can unknowingly perpetuate the issue. Leadership expert Dr. Jeanne Porter King provides four tips to help you end to gender stereotyping in your culture. (3 min)


    The Glass Ceiling Still Exists


    Maya Hu-Chan explains that the pay and mobility gap between men and women still exists in organizations. She discusses where progress has been made and provides some suggestions for women who want to get ahead. (6 min)

    How microaggressions are like mosquito bites


    For people that still don’t think micro-aggressions are a problem: just imagine that instead of being a stupid comment, a microaggression is a mosquito bite (8 min)


    Managing a Multi-Generational Team


    Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed shares some tips on creating an inclusive work environment when you’re dealing with team members from different generations. (5 min)

    6 Tips for Effective Listening in Crucial Conversations


    Broadcast journalist and communications expert Debbye Turner Bell explains why listening is so critical and provides six tips that will show others you are listening (3 mins)


    3 Ways to be More Inclusive for Better Collaboration


    If you want to get greater performance, innovation and collaboration that you need to work to create a more inclusive environment that encourages sharing of ideas. Author Maya Hu-Chan offers three ways over overcome barriers that inhibit collaboration. (5 min)


    Using Small Acts of Inclusion


    You may not have a say in the larger initiative going on within your organization, but you can have an impact on the day-to-day. Daniel Guillory explains how to use small acts of inclusion to support mutual success and well-being. (4 min)

  • Podcasts

    How Bias Can Cost Companies Millions


    COUNCILcast with Natalie Holder
    Natalie Holder, an employment lawyer and author of “Exclusion: Strategies for Increasing Diversity in Recruitment, Retention and Promotion” explains the difference between diversity and inclusion and how a company’s ability to recruit top talent increases dramatically when it improves its inclusive workplace culture