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Breanna Ross
Finance | Aug. 17, 2023

Breanna Ross is an Accounting Associate at The Council in the Finance Department. Prior to this role, she was an intern at the Council for over a year and loved

Nargiz Ibrahimova
Finance | Aug. 25, 2022

Nargiz Ibrahimova is The Council’s Revenue Accounting Associate. Her history includes an extensive background in accounting, dating back to her 2006 role as an Accountant for Crestline Hotels & Resorts.

Andrew Hoffman
Finance | Mar. 3, 2017

Andrew Hoffman is the Assistant Controller in the Finance department. He started working at The Council as an intern in 2011. Prior to joining The Council, he worked selling beer

Ce Harrison
Finance | Mar. 3, 2017

Ce Harrison is The Council’s Chief Financial Officer, a position she’s held since 2010, and runs both the CFO Working Group and the CFO Conference. She previously served as CFO