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Thank you for your donation to CouncilPAC!

If you have any questions please contact Luca Vallada, Government Affairs Associate.

*Contributions to Council PAC will be used to support candidates in election campaigns. These contributions are strictly voluntary and anyone may refuse to contribute without reprisal. Any guidelines which may be suggested are only suggestions and you are free to contribute more or less than the guidelines, and no one will be favored or disadvantaged in their CIAB membership because of the amount of their contribution or their decision not to contribute.

All contributions must be from personal funds and may not be reimbursed or paid by any other person or entity.  Contributions from foreign nationals are prohibited.  Contributions from federal contractors, and the treasury funds of corporations, labor unions and national banks are prohibited.

Federal law requires political committees to use their best efforts to obtain and report to the Federal Election Commission the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year.

Contributions or gifts to Council PAC are not tax deductible.

Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from outside the restricted class and such contribution will be returned to the donor.