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On September 30, 2020 The Council’s Government Affairs Team took a deep drive into our work with the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future with a webinar featuring Executive Director, Lauren Crawford Shaver. Shaver examined The Partnership’s campaign against a public option and provided an in-depth review of what the various public options could mean for our industry. In addition, our legal team from Steptoe & Johnson will provided a brief legislative and regulatory update. See the PAHCF slide deck here.

Our healthcare system has been faced with some serious questions. How can we lower costs, protect patient choice, options and benefits, increase access and strengthen doctor/patient relationships? Medicare for all doesn’t offer real answers to these questions, only more problems.

What Americans deserve is healthcare that gives patients more choice, more control, and better quality care at a price they can afford. Medicare for all will mean more politics in health care and will eliminate choice for all Americans. Let the free market and public programs work together to lower costs, increase patient choice, and improve quality.

Two new Medicare for All bills introduced in Congress are worse for patients than Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) initially proposed bill on all fronts. The new bills will likely cost trillions in tax hikes and shift healthcare choices from doctors and patients to government officials. Solutions should focus on accelerating the ability of the free market and public programs to work together to improve what works and fix what’s broken.



Meet the industry group fighting Medicare for All

POLITICO’s Alice Miranda Ollstein joins Dan Diamond on Capitol Hill to explain the state of play since the release of the latest Medicare for All bill. Then, Lauren Crawford Shaver, head of PAHCF, explains why her members — groups like the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association — think Medicare for All and Democrats’ other proposals are non-starters.

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New Study on Public Option Reveals Impact to Individual Market

A new study released by FTI Consulting and the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future assesses the impact of a public option on market stability and consumer choice in the ACA marketplaces. Read the study.

CBO: Medicare For All ‘Could Adversely Affect Access To And Quality Of Care’

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a report shedding light on the costs and risks associated with implementing a single-payer healthcare system in the U.S.  PACHF calls out the highlights here. Interested in the full CBO report? Read it here.

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PAHCF tracks what terms and topics are top of mind on social media on a weekly basis. These reports reveal how many people write about single-payer related items, how much traction their posts receive and which themes spark the most conversation during a given week.